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an icontest for SyFy's Alice
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This community is a stillness (no animation) icon contest primarily focusing on the 2009 SyFy Miniseries: Alice. From time to time, challenges will also feature related Alice themes such as Disney's Alice and Burton's Alice and perhaps even face characters found at the Disney theme parks.

However, because there are already icon contests that focus on Disney movies and one dedicated to Tim Burton's movies; this icon contest will heavily favor the SyFy adaptation.

Unless otherwise stated, participants may enter up to 4 icons per contest

Absolutely NO animation allowed. This is a stillness community

It should go without saying, that you must enter your own work; made new for that challenge.

General Rules that breakdown everything.

Anyone is welcomed to join and participate, we don't judge on skill level here and even joining just to vote would be welcomed.
every Saturday a new theme will be posted, participants will then have until the following Friday to enter. Themes will generally be taken from the mini-series (eg: character focus, scene focus, etc.) and on occasion, general themes will be given (eg: hush, best text, color, etc.)

every Saturday, voting will also go up and continue until Monday when the winners will be announced.

banners for the winners will be posted shortly (by one of our talented banner makers) after the winners have been announced.
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Challenge 10: shawnkyr
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